Bulk Load Application

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A Brief

Bulk load connection for any total connected load requirements are equal or above 2.5 MW.

Required documents:

  • Letter addressed to Planning Manager illustrate the Total requested load and when do you required it.
  • Bulk Load Application Form filled and signed with an official stamp.
  • Land Ownership Certificate (Mulkiya).
  • Land Registration detail with co-ordinates and boundaries (Krooki).
  • Authorization Letter for consultants/main contractor to deal with MEDC on behalf of customers.
  • Load Schedule displaying the demand requirement of each distribution transformer (Main Distribution Board).
  • Fault Level Study: Fault level contribution at the point of common coupling (3 Phase Maximum Short Circuit Fault Level as per IEC60909/2001 standard).
  • Power factor used in studies, refer to the update OES 04.
  • X/R ratio (If Available).
  • Electrical Layout Diagram & SLD
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